Brand Identity System

The visual identity system outlines the branding guidelines and standards of ICOM Philippines. It aims to provide a consistent, distinct, and recognizable visual identity to ICOM Philippines. It also organizes the materials and instructions in promulgating the ICOM brand. It covers the official color palettes, wordmark, typography, and other identity elements that the institution limits.

Download ICOM Philippines Brand Identity System (2021)

Download Official ICOM Philippines Logo (2021)

Rules for use:

 · ICOM Philippines members can use the logo for communication and printed materials. For commercial application, please message the ICOM   Philippines secretariat at [email protected] AND [email protected] for approval.

 ·The logo proportions should not be distorted. Moreover, please follow the specified color themes and text standards.

 ·Please remember that permission to use the ICOM Philippines logo does not entail permission to use the official logo of ICOM. Please contact the  ICOM Secretariat for such a matter.